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    Scott Perry, also known as “Scott Sensei”, does one thing, corrects Japanese pronunciation. For 25 years Scott Perry has focused on working only with native speakers of Japanese. He is probably the only instructor that can prove that his students pronunciation sounds perfectly native ( see speech proof test ). Using state of the art technology and 25 years of experience and research he can achieve native sounding English in students in just a few months where most never lose their accent even after 15+ years of trying. His students include all kinds of Japanese native speakers as well as top Japanese actors and singers, Japanese corporations, linguistics professors, and politicians.

    Some Facts and Information:

    1. The average Japanese adult that studies and lives abroad for 10 years or more has spent about 5 to 6 years trying to improve their pronunciation with little satisfaction reaching only Level 6 or 7. Scott Sensei’s average student living in Japan will reach Level 2 in less than 6 months.

    2. Being good at English has two meanings.

    1) People often confuse being good at English with knowing many words and speaking very quickly.

    2) They forget about pronunciation. Most Japanese people are able to achieve high scores on English tests, and read and write it college levels. Some are even English professors teaching English at the highest levels, but the pronunciation of all of these people is basically the same. It is not nearly as good as their reading, wring and listening skills.

    3. Improving your English has no limits; people improve their English ability forever over time. Learning new words and expressions is an improvement in your English but pronunciation has a limit. Once you reach the limit that is it, you cannot improve better than perfect. When you are able to say a word properly no one can say it better than you.

    4. Often teachers fail to get successful results from students because the approach is incorrect from the beginning. Most pronunciation is taught like math, studying pictures, reading pronunciation books and memorizing symbols. I have not seen that lead to success in 20+ years. English pronunciation requires a physical change, not a mental change. English conversation is a mental change, pronunciation is changing your body to make new sounds.

    A student once said about Scott Sensei, “ We Japanese can do anything we attempt to do at the highest levels in the world. When we focus and concentrate we can achieve nearly any goal we attempt. The one thing we cannot do is correct our pronunciation. That is what he can do for us. Japan really needs his method.”

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